Most airlines offer at least two different cabin classes i.e. Economy and Business, and some also offer Premium Economy and First Class.

Prices shown within the search are reflective of a per adult cost. Once selected the price shown will reflect the search results, e.g. two adults and a child. Please ensure your initial search is as per your requirements.

Airfares can vary greatly depending on many factors. You can protect against the possibility of the fare dropping after purchase by taking out price drop protection (PDP). If you believe the fare has dropped and can provide us with a written quote from a New Zealand travel agent or New Zealand based online agency, for exactly the same itinerary as you have paid for, we will give you a travel voucher for the difference. You must accept the PDP option during the booking process - it cannot be added after payment is accepted.

All prices are in New Zealand dollars (NZD).

The airline industry is highly competitive. There are many options available on most routes, and also lots of airline alliances (airlines that join together often called a codeshare) that offer different fare combinations.

Prices and availability on our website are live and can change at any time. Fares will vary depending on how full the flight is and the amount of time until the flight departure. Generally, as a flight gets more booked up and closer to departure date, the price may increase. Only once you have paid in full and your ticket has been issued is your fare guaranteed.